Firewood Packaging Methods

Firewood can be used to heat a home, power a wood-fueled boiler or engine, heat a barbecue grill or to create a camp fire for cooking or recreation. For any of these uses, firewood must first be packaged for transport or sale. There are several different ways to package firewood depending on the quantity of wood, final destination and methods available.

Commercial Packaging
Some firewood is sold commercially for recreational camping and barbecue grills. This wood, available in light quantities at grocery stores and home improvement centers, generally comes packaged in a cardboard box or a plastic-lined paper bag. Both types of commercial packaging are likely to include information about the quantity and type of wood inside, along with a barcode for price scanning and handles for convenient carrying.

Another method for packaging small quantities of firewood for sale is shrinkwrapping. This involves either inserting the wood into a shrinkwrap bag and applying heat, causing the bag to shrink until it tightly contains the wood, or simply wrapping the wood in a plastic roll that binds to itself and forms a durable plastic shell. Shrinkwrapping can help prevent wood from shifting during transport and is easy to remove and recycle.

Mesh Bags
Fiber mesh bags are a convenient way to package firewood in medium-sized quantities of around 60 or 70 lbs. These bags are durable yet light, keeping the wood contained and easy to carry by hand. Firewood in mesh bags can also be transported on a pallet, which may be able to accommodate around 20 bags for shipping to a distributor or industrial customer.

For transporting large quantities of firewood, wooden crates are one of the best available packaging methods. Crates that fit into the back of a truck may include solid walls on all sides, or a lumber frame into which the firewood can be stacked tightly. Smaller crates may be moved using a hand truck, while larger crates may need a forklift or palette jack.

Post time: May-06-2017
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